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This site is related to all mobile firmware,roms,flash,file,qcn,certificate and nvrm files, you can download all the files from one location.

About us

MiracleSoftSolution is a team of mobile phone experts  which helps you not only finding appropriate  software  for your smart phone but also to provide you appropriate solutions for your smart phone related problems.

At MiracleSoftSolution, we not only offer basic software for mobiles but also most wanted Flash Files(Tested), QCN files(Needed for 3G Mobiles), Cert Files(needed for IMEI) and everything else you may need for your smart phone.

We have the solutions for about all the popular brands of smart phones like iPhone, Samsung, Q Mobile, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, G Five and a plethora of other international and China made mobiles.

The best thing about our website, software and solutions is that they are free of cost. We doesn’t charge a single penny to our visitors.

Team MSS

Altaf Ahmad | Team Leader

Altaf is the man behind MSS. It was totally his idea to come up with such blog that can help others fixing their smart phones by their selves. Altaf creates all the content after checking all the Flash files by himself. He says; send me an out of order smart phone and I’ll give you solutions to fix it.

Hafeez Baig | Developer

Hafeez, one of the well known freelancers of Pakistan developed MSS. It was very difficult for him to keep the blog very simple. He says, he loves to develop colorful and full of gadgets wordpress websites.

Sahir F. | SEO Specialist

Sahir is the man behind some other technicalities of the website like taking care of domain and web hosting server. He performed some on site SEO so you guys can find us easily on google.

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