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SM-E700F 5.1.1 Root, Cert, EFS,QCN File

SM-E700F 5.1.1 root file: CF-Auto-Root-e7lte-e7ltexx-sme700f.tar SM-E700F Cert File: E700F Dual Imei cert file SM-E700F EFS File: EFS_SM-E700F_E700FXXS1BQC1_358494060737072_R58GB29DCEL_8-3-2018_11-3-26 SM-E700F QCN File: SM-E700F_MPSS.DPM.2.0.c5-00035-M8936FAAAANUZM-1_2015-12-04_14.13.40_ByBST   SM-E700F 5.1.1 Root, Cert, EFS,QCN File Password = www.miraclesoftsolution.com

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