Latest download odin All Versions 3.10 3.07 3.04 1.85 1.83

Odin is a window based mobile to flash all samsung android phones with out using any Box. Odin is also used in rooting and modem installation. List of All Odin Versions: Download odin 3.10 Password : 98320 Download odin 3.07 Password : 98321 Download odin 3.04 Password : 98322 Download odin 1.85 Password : 98323 Download […]

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How to root Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone?

Rooting Operating system of all android phones are secured(protected). To access the operating system files we need root access it is the same like operating system of windows. when ever we installing any game or software we need administrator access. In android phone when we write IMEI, Repair IMEI, Unlocking, write QCN, and write certificate […]

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How to Flash Samsung Galaxy without box with odin?

In this tutorial i will show how to flash or reinstall new software in your mobile phone. Before starting flashing of you mobile phone first backup your all data including contact numbers, Gallery and messages. Now first check the model number of your android phone, remove battery to check the exact model of your mobile. […]

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