Samsung SM-G6000 4 files Repair firmware

There are many problems which when occurred in Samsung SM-G6000, we need to flash the mobile. We also need to flash Samsung SM-G6000 mobile phone when Mobile is restarting, mobile performance is very slow and to solve hang on logo problems of Samsung SM-G6000, Mobile is not turning on but still connect with computer. There are many other problems like virus infects your mobile, mobile data and wifi automatically on, auto apps downloading recent call list not visible with name, recent missed call list not visible with name, recent received call list not visible with name, auto mobile date problem and whenever you forget gmail ID and password problem. In this post, we will tell you how to reinstall firmware of Samsung SM-G6000 to get rid of all these problems.

  1. Mobile is complete off.
  2. Mobile stuck at logo.
  3. Mobile restart after a minute.
  4. Mobile Performance is very slow.
  5. Mobile Data Automatically on.
  6. After Mobile Start screen turns black.
  7. Wifi Connection automatically on.
  8. Virus automatically downloading.
  9. Play store is not opening.
  10. Play store is not downloading any apps.
  11. Dialler is not turning on.
  12. Call list not visible.
  13. Infected by virus.
  14. Pattern Lock Password not remember.
  15. Password not remember.
  16. Unfortunately google playstore has stopped working.
  17. Unfortunately Camera has stopped working.
  18. Unfortunately google play services has stopped working.
  19. Message is not sending.
  20. Message is not receiving.
  21. Mobile Sound issue.
  22. Application not installing.
  23. Storage is running out.
  24. Insufficient space.
  25. Battery Drain problem.
  26. Wifi Connectivity issue.
  27. Mobile Data connectivity issue.
  28. Over heating problem.
  29. Mobile App Crashes.
  30. System UI Not working.


How to flash ON7 SM-G6000 with out Box?

  1. Power off Cell Phone.
  2. Press and hold volume down + Home and Power Button.
  3. Now connect cell Phone to PC.
  4. Now open Odin tool.
  5. Specify file in Ap.
  6. Check Green box of connectivity.
  7. Now press Start Button.
  8. Pass will Appears now flashing complete.


Samsung SM-G6000 4 files Repair firmware

Password =

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